Canali presents influencer-curated AW18 film Crossroads

ITALIAN brand Canali, masters of tailor-made luxury and male elegance, have enlisted social media influencers Carlo Sestini, Marcel Floruss and Chris John Millington to star in their AW18 collection film titled Crossroads.

For over 80 years, Canali has used innovation to achieve aesthetic tailored perfection, continuously renewing its styles with a meticulous attention to detail and the use of premium fabrics to create what it refers to as “male elegance” like no other.

The new short piece follows three men who live in the same contemporary building, but never meet. Each embody a different persona of the Canali man – the globetrotter, the businessman and the creative. The influencers fabricate their characters through distinctly different – yet inherently Canali – ensembles featuring the AW18 collection. Each character holds a mirror to the influencer’s own personal style, reflecting their carefully curated Instagram pages – boasting hundreds of thousands of followers – through the curated lens of the luxury tailoring brand’s film.

The differentiation of each character’s style and manner explored through bold cinematography and impeccable styling reveals the collection’s dynamic power: it’s ability to cater to the variant tastes of these diverse individuals, revealing the true versatility of Canali.

Featured Influencers:

Carlo Sestini – Dressing Powerfully

A global citizen by nature, Sestini is originally from Florence, Italy, but currently calls London home. As an art fanatic with an affinity for high fashion, his style is sophisticated and curated. His wardrobe includes classic, iconic garments as well as vintage pieces.


Marcel Floruss – The Art of Style

After moving to New York from his native Germany, Floruss started his blog, One Dapper Street, in 2014. His signature style has a more casual feel though he is always contemporary and expertly styled with attention to sartorial details.


Chris John Millington – In(Formalities)

Millington is a model and influencer from Scotland. He spent some time in London before relocating to New York where he currently lives and works as a content creator. His style is relaxed, dynamic and casual with an alternative touch.

Watch Crossroads here

by Lucy May McCracken

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