Anatomē launches concept store in central London

MIDST the hustle and bustle of Piccadilly, Anatomē is to open their new concept store offering shoppers a place of rest and refuge. The new store effortlessly blends contemporary aesthetics with regency-era romantic architecture.

Anatome launches new concept storeAnatomē concept store in St James

Founder Brendan Murdock detected a gap in the market when it came to high quality health products that simultaneously provided expert advice. Over the course of two years, he collaborated with nutritionists, herbalists and sports scientists leading to the conception of the brand Anatomē, offering an extensive range of oils, vitamins and nutrients for daily use following the philosophy that nutritional and emotional balance are the key components to a healthy life.

Anatome launches new concept storeAnatomē apothecary bar

What sets the store apart is the anatomē apothecary bar, created by Murdoch and aromatherapist Anastasia Brozler. The bar contributes to the science of aromacology while offering bespoke and handcrafted blended therapeutic oils, each supporting health benefits while smelling sublime.

Anatome launches new concept storeFounder Brendan Murdoch

Following the brand’s philosophy that mindfulness is more than crisp white spaces, artist Jack Gywer has been commissioned to create murals, showcased throughout the store, with each colour representing a signature oil blend and its impact on the physical and emotional state.

Anatome launches new concept storeArtist Jack Gywer

The concept store offers guidance from in-house nutritionists, one-on-one consultations concerning wellness, physical and emotional wellbeing. Additionally, on the upper floor you will find the anatomē Lithe Lounge where mindfulness workshops take place every Monday and Tuesday and therapeutic massages every Thursday and Friday.

Anatome launches new concept storeAnatomē oils

by Lupe Baeyens  

2-4 Princes Arcade, St James’s, London, SW1 6DS

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