glass magazine


GLASS magazine exists at the increasingly collaborative intersection of art, fashion, music and design. GLASS aligns itself with the sophisticated consumer who is aware of the need for a more sustainable approach to comfortable living. Instead of being aspirational, we seek to be inspirational: we believe that in these turbulent times, ‘luxury’ is governed by the intelligent, discerning choices we take to meet our needs, without compromising future generations. To this end, GLASS aims to transcend form, type or genre within its artistic endeavors to provide and promote timeless works of clarity, integrity and beauty. Invited contributors are encouraged to challenge popular thought and push artistic boundaries in style, art, writing and design, guided by key issues of sustainability. Previously unsung or future heroes are given the platform they deserve for being at the vanguard of their craft, and their work is discussed in the light of their impact on social change.

Editorially, GLASS magazine is divided into the following sections:

STYLE: section focusing on fashion, trends and celebrities

MUSE: section on art, music and culture

SPACE: section on architecture, design and sustainable lifestyle

GLASS documents the social impact and relevance of the aesthetic elements in contemporary culture. By having a focused editorial line, we aim to make each issue of GLASS a publication to keep and revisit, much like a timeless book. Other products that we aim to produce will include an online interactive version of the magazine as well as media events, exhibitions, web-based special projects, advertorials, special supplements and audio-visual products, working with collaborators and various sponsors.

In addition to the printed magazine there is a comprehensive website,, produced to showcase the Issues, generate advertising and subscriptions as well as brand loyalty to the product. GLASS online will also be a place to showcase our creativity through specially commissioned regular exciting audio-visual editorials. Other special online features include interactive forums and blogs, special newsletter features and web-only content being continually produced.